The First Week in Our New Job

The first week in a new job is usually nerve wracking. What will the colleagues be like, am I up for the job, what will my first big blunder be? Now that it’s our own business, we’ve moved our water cooler chats to FaceTime and early morning meetings take place on the building site, but in the end we still spend most of our time on the phone or on the computer, making contacts and finding our feet. We’ve been researching regulations, found suitable floor covering (more about that next week), ordered fire alarm equipment and did altogether lots of shopping.

There were also training units, some self-study (VAT accounting for food, anyone?), some classroom based with exams to get the required certifications. At the end of the day we never just stopped, but carried on browsing for furniture while trying to keep up with the subtitles of The Killing (see the multitasking here?). Then, in the middle of the night, we texted each other about things like electric points for hand dryers.

We even had our first job applications, that in itself made us feel like we’re grownups in the business world now.

Of course there had to be play time, so we worked out how to make real German pretzels. We are happy to report that, while we’re still practicing our shaping technique, the flavour is authentic and awesome, and they make great rolls, too. Sadly, we ate them all before we thought of taking pictures, but they will definitely go on the menu.

Meanwhile, here’s an update from the building site: Mistakes of previous occupiers have been rectified, new stud walls and ceiling suspensions are up, the layout is finalised (and spray-painted onto the floor by Steve who might want to consider becoming North London’s next Graffiti artist if this cafe thing goes wrong), and the Electrician has started his work. And knock on wood, for the time being we are on schedule. It’s still a long way from completion, but we can see major progress since it all started last week.

We’ve even made some new business friends when we went to check out Chriskitch, the new Cafe in Muswell Hill owned by Chris and Bibi, who we are happily entering into a skills exchange with: Recipes for coffee science. If you’re in Muswell Hill, you should definitely pay them a visit, it’s a really friendly place and the food is superb.

Writing this, I’m conscious that it’s no longer just our friends and families reading it, but quite a number of Harringay locals who will hopefully become our first customers. Last week we were lucky to have been mentioned by Hugh on the Harringay Online Forum, which caused overwhelming interest and lots of positive responses. Many comments focussed on exactly the issues that we had in mind when we started planning our venue. We loved hearing from you and are keen on more, please let us know your ideas and thoughts. You can comment on this website, you can emails us, send us a tweet or message on Facebook.

We’ll be sharing more about our plans in the next few weeks, so please do keep following us via email, Twitter or Facebook. We can’t wait to meet you in person.

See you soon!

Steve and Linda

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