Denmark is known for many things from bacon to danish pastries! It has also been voted the “happiest country in the world” many times, maybe it’s the fact taxes are so high that most things just function well or everyone makes an effort to live comfortably. I’m not saying it’s about being rich or poor, or what Denmark does is the answer to the worlds problems. They seem to be something right and some people are for and against it, but there is this thing called “Jantelov” where there isn’t a class society and everyone is equal. It’s a big debate which I’m not going to get into, but what I love about Denmark is that way design has a big influence on not just beautiful furniture but day to day living. Danish design is important, and not just about making things look pretty, they have to work/function property…hence form must follow function. We have danish chairs in blend cafe that are over 30 years old. They look great, built with quality and are comfortable!


Most Danish homes have a minimal design, not too much clutter, and clean lines but use elements to soften it like textiles and candles. I guess a “clean” home can be less stressful, and often helps with a “clean” mind..maybe it’s just me, but I love it when my home is clean and organised! 😉 Some of this is parallel with principle of Feng Shui. I’m not a big believer, Steve is, but I do like the elements of de-cluttering and not having too much stuff in your home. It is almost like East meets West, but I like to take elements from different cultures that suit me…so where does the Gold Pineapple come in?


In Feng Shui, a gold pineapple can symbolise wealth, especially if placed in the south east corner of your home! I’m not totally into where things are placed by the rules of Feng Shui, as often I like to place things where I think they look good! Saying that, we put our gold pineapple at home in our north west corner and suddenly within a couple of weeks we received random offers out of the blue which could potentially bring more wealth/success to both of us. Like I said, whether you believe it or not, or into “The Secret” philosophy, but I do believe there is something about your state of mind and how can potentially change things around you.

We have sold out of the Gold Pineapples but we are getting more in stock on Monday, and once they are gone, thats it! Get yours in store or online!




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