mr and mrs blend

Steve and Linda, the founders of blend, though not a couple in real life, have been dubbed Mr and Mrs blend. They are Harringay ladder locals of 18 and 9 years respectively. Both worked in the corporate world for many years while quietly harbouring ideas of opening their own Cafe. When they started talking about it to each other, ideas quickly turned into plans, which then took another year to turn into reality. The product of their combined dreams is blend, the first independent Cafe of its kind on Green Lanes, now a local institution in its third year already!

Steve is the driving force behind the coffee machine. He lives and breathes beans and has 13 years of experience in the coffee business, from barista to district management. He takes his own espresso machine and grinder on holidays and – just so that he can serve flat whites to his friends – a milk steamer. He’s a purist himself but he knows exactly how to steam milk to its optimal texture and temperature. It’s all about the right sound. He is also vegan, but grills a fantastic steak on the barbecue.

Linda spent 8 years at the front of house in restaurants, waiting tables and managing shifts. Later, during her City years, she developed a passion for cooking and baking, and now prides herself the keeper of a living sour dough. She makes croissants from scratch, reads cookbooks for entertainment and collects all her friends’ recipes. She recently found out that several of her ancestors were pastry chefs, which explains all of the wonderful family recipes she has inherited. She drinks Lattes and loves a good cup of tea.

History of blend – where it all started, etc!

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