The Danes love Christmas!

The Danes love Christmas!

The Danes love Christmas! We have a lot of traditions from dancing around the Christmas tree to lighting real candles on a tree…but we won’t be doing that at blend (fire hazard!) but we will be giving our customers a chance to experience a bit of a Danish...

Skandi living and a gold pineapple!

Denmark is known for many things from bacon to danish pastries! It has also been voted the “happiest country in the world” many times, maybe it’s the fact taxes are so high that most things just function well or everyone makes an effort to live comfortably. I’m not...

You can never have enough….candles!!

Growing up in Scandinavia –  We spend so much time indoors that we try to create a cosy atmosphere. I remember growing up and spending time with my grandparents at their summerhouse in Fyn, Denmark. My grandmother(Mormor!) would burn candles for breakfast, lunch...

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